Italy local organizers

CEN-Foundation-European Center for Nanomedicine
University of Pavia, Center for Health Technologies

The event will be held in Pavia on Thurdays, February 2nd, 2017 from 11:00 tot 13:00.

Adress: University of Pavia, Aula FoscoloStrada Nuova, 65 – 27100 Pavia

  • Roberto Bottinelli, Professor, Molecular Medicine Dept.,University of Pavia
  • Romano Danesi, Professor, Clinical Pharmacology andPharmacogenetics, Clinical and Experimental Medicine Dept., University of Pisa
  • Alfonso Gentile, Professor, Country Medical Director, Roche
  • Furio Gramatica, ETPN representative, Professor and Head of Technology Innovation and Health Technology Assessment, Fondation Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS
  • Daniela Ovadia, Scientific journalist, Co-director of the Neuroscience and Society Lab, Brain and Behavioral Sciences Dept. -University of Pavia
  • Alberto Ricciuti, President of a patient Association “Attivecomeprima Onlus” 
  • Livia Visai, Professor, Molecular Medicine Dept.,University of Pavia
  • 11:00 Introduction – Roberto Bottinelli
  • 11:15 Nanomedicine in Europe, the ETPN network – Furio Gramatica & Livia Visai
  • 11:30 Nanotechnologies and antitumoral therapies: the pharma industry engagement – Alfonso Gentile, 
  • 11:45 The contribution of nanotechnologies to pharmacological research in oncology – Romano Danesi
  • 12:00 Personalized Therapy and Healthcare relationship – Alberto Ricciuti
  • 12:15  Nanomedicine on the press – sources, critical aspects, social impact – Daniela Ovadia
  • 12:30 Closing remarks – Livia Visai

Please find the flyer of the programm in English and in Italian & the PR in English.


The press conference was opened to journalists and also scientists, engineers, policymakers and patient representatives. 

Media coverage

Speakers were interviewed on a local radio and 3 articles were issued  on several regional and national newspapers: La Provincia, Il Secoloxix and L’Altra Pagina.

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