Ireland local organizer

Trinity College Dublin
  • Laure MARIGNOL, Associate Professor, Radiobiology, Trinity College Dublin
  • Marco MONOPOLI, Star Research Lecturer, Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland 
  • Adriele PRINA-MELLO, Ussher Assistant Professor, Translational Nanomedicine, Trinity College Dublin
  • Donnchadha QUILTY, Particular Sciences Limited
  • Orla SHEILS, TTMI Director, Professorin Molecular Pathology. Department of Histopathology, Trinity College Dublin
  • 10.00 Welcome + Introduction to Nanomedicine and Theranostics – Adriele PRINA-MELLO 
  • 10.20 The right tool for the right application – Donnchadha QUILTY 
  • 10.40 Impact of glycosylation at the nanoparticle biological interface, a strory of an acedemic industry alliance – Marco MONOPOLI 
  • 11.00 Translational Medicine overview – Orla SHEILS  
  • 11.20 Development of Diagnostic strategies for prostate cancer patients – Laura MARIGNOL
  • 11.40 Questions and answers –  Open Forum (facilitated A. Prina-Mello)
  • 12.00 End of the Nano World Cancer Day

The press conference was gathering a mixed audience from University and hospital. Speakers were from Universities and advisor of government.

Media coverage

The media coverage was good with one article published on the most important national journal of medical doctors Medicine News and one radio interview.

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